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"Phenomenal" - New York Life

"Amazing" - Bacardi

"Outstanding" - Microsoft

"Superb" - ConocoPhillips

"Captivating" - Xerox

"A Home Run" - Kaiser Permanente





Ruben is regularly featured in the media as an
expert on high achievement and peak performance.

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez


His best selling books help people become
more productive both personally and professionally.


 Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez    Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez    Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez


Are your people struggling in this tough economy?

Do they just go through the motions at work?

Are they operating at a fraction of their potential?





How Would You Like Your People's Attitude, Productivity, and Results
 to go from 0 to 60 MPH…
or even 90 MPH?


What could you learn about determination,
leadership, self-motivation, and commitment
to your goals from an Olympic athlete?

Ruben has the unique ability to inspire
confidence, courage, and hope in people...
to translate racing downhill,
into Olympic caliber results.

He'll have your people screaming down
the hill at 90 MPH, taking a turn wrong,
breaking bones, and still finding the way
to get back up and do it again!

Join the countless corporations and
organizations around the world that
have experienced Ruben's incredible
motivational keynotes.


Olympian Ruben Gonzalez Motivational Speaker

Ruben's incredible story takes
people's excuses away
filling them with the confidence
they need to win more sales,
dominate your market,
and leave your competition in the dust.

Ruben will show your people how
to develop the "Winning Mindset,"
a strategic way of thinking
that will make your people
more productive, and your organization
more profitablein ANY economy.


Bring Ruben in to Help Your People:

1 - Think Bigger, Aim Higher,
2 - Confidently take Bold Action,
3 - Sell More, Produce More, and WIN.

With over twenty years of sales,
marketing, and business experience,
Ruben is an expert on creating
and sustaining business

Ruben is one of America's
leading business speakers.

His books and articles on productivity
and creating measurable results
have been published
on every continent.

Don't miss Ruben's demo video.
It's so good that you'll want
your whole family to watch it!


Join the Top Companies That Have Experienced Ruben's Keynotes.


Coca Cola



Hewlett - Packard

Dell Computers

Million Dollar
Round Table

New York Life


Novo Nordisk


Wells Fargo





Johnson & Johnson


Shell Oil


Continental Airlines


Ortho McNeal

Kaiser Permanente

BMC Software

Ameriprise Financial

Wolters Kluwer

State Farm

Berkshire Hathaway

Kemper Insurance

Cardinal Healthcare

General Electric


Chevron Texaco

JP Morgan Chase


US Treasury Dept

US Army

American Express

Marriott Hotels

British Petroleum

Hilton Hotels


And many, many more... all around the world.

From Dubai to Toronto, from Hanoi to Cancun, from Singapore to
South Africa

from Colorado Springs to Your next event.



"Ruben is a great speaker. He's real, he's
authentic and he lived what he teaches.
If you get a chance to have Ruben
speak at your event, don't miss it."

Dave Ramsey - Best Selling Author,
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host




Ruben on the Dave Ramsey Show on FOX Business
talks about what it really takes to win
in business and in life. (5 minute video)



"When Ruben speaks,
companies listen."

The Houston Business Journal




Find out how Ruben can turn your next
meeting into an unforgettable event!

To check availability, call
832 - 689 - 8282


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"Ruben has a great Olympic story that provides a
'can do' recipe for his audience. He'll take you on
a thrilling 90 MPH ride of your life in his thought
provoking presentation. Truly inspiring!"

Tim Henderson - Director of Sales - Comcast



Olympic Motivational Keynote Speaker Ruben Gonzalez



“Ruben is an outstanding, accomplished
 and inspiring speaker. His story is one of
the most compelling I've ever heard."

Guy Baker  
Million Dollar Round Table
Former President



Olympic Motivational Keynote Speaker Ruben Gonzalez


"Ruben ignited our meeting.
His message was right on target.
It generated immediate action and
helped us excel as a company."

George Chavel - CEO, Sodexo



"Ruben's story of personal motivation and achievement
is highly inspirational and relevant to anyone wanting to
succeed in life. His message is one of dreaming big,
and then doing what it takes to make that dream a reality.
Ruben delivers a highly engaging, down to earth, humorous
and fun message that will inspire your audience to greatness."

 Trey Campbell - President - NorthgateArinso




"Ruben made our Leadership Summit a great success.
He is a model for setting high goals and having the
drive and spirit to achieve them. Businesses with
Sales or Leadership events could benefit tremendously
by his story and his message."

Doug Guthrie - Senior Vice President - Comcast




Find out how Ruben can turn your next
meeting into an unforgettable event!

To check availability, call
832 - 689 - 8282




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